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Don Jones
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Don Jones [userpic]
Mother Goose

Did a little off-roading on my bike this week. About a 15 minute pedal from home, I visited the site of an old railroad bridge which was abandoned in the early 1920s with the growing popularity of automobiles. On this quiet section of the Rocky River, I discovered a momma Canada goose, and I started taking some photos. At one point, she stood up revealing 4 or 5 big eggs. She gently moved them around with her beak for about 90 seconds or so, and then very very gently sat back down.

I stood and watched her for almost an hour, and she repeated the procedure about every 20 minutes or so. For a while, another goose, presumably the daddy, patrolled the water around the old abutments. I was probably about 15 feet from her, but she never seemed alarmed, and actually seemed to ignore me.







Brave goose :)