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Don Jones
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Don Jones [userpic]
Cold sunrise

Looking toward the sunrise through my frosty front door this morning.


I miss the "Jack Frost" windows of my childhood. Yours is even more special with the red sunrise!

Frost & sun stained glass...

Good picture.

I mean look at this.. your most recent entry is 4 months old!! *bonk* I should'a never dragged you to FB. :P

OWW That's gonna leave a mark!

Yeah, I was just thinking this morning that I haven't had any good writing/photo ideas in a while. They don't come easily to me. And I haven't been anywhere interesting in a long time. Over the winter I couldn't afford to go anywhere, and we didn't have enuf snow to make things look nice. Just mostly gray. And now I'm working about 50-60 hrs @ week and don't see anything but my toolbox.

I seem to be spending most of my internet time on FB now. Hey, wait one cottonpickin minute...did you drag me over there too? You drag, I follow, I get bonked. It's like I'm married again! Wonder where you're hauling me to next??

On July 4th I'll be flying to Mom's in Florida for her 90th BD --just for 3 days though...maybe something'll hit me then. Well, besides you!

And btw, thank you :)