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Don Jones
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Don Jones [userpic]
Gulls in the sun

I pulled into a small municipal park on my way home to make some phone calls, but it was crowded!....

There were around 100 gulls on these fences at the duck pond, probably enjoying the bright sunshine and unseasonably warm (40F / 4C) afternoon. This park is about a mile and a half from the shore of Lake Erie.


Parade ?

LOL...I think maybe waiting for people to throw some bread or popcorn!

That is so cool!!! Another amazing pic!!!

It was pretty cute. Thanks, Sheila!

Gulls!! :)


Gull butts!!!

These pictures were enjoyed by me and Taz. *grin*

LOL...I'm glad-- that's why I took the pictures!

You: "Heh heh heh, birdie butts!"
Taz: "Nom nom nom, smörgåsbord!"

Hahahaha that is pretty close to what was thought/said too! :)